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Upgrade From To 2.1.1

  • Backup your database
  • Install the module over-top the existing installation - this will replace the binaries but leave your existing data in place (all new tables)
  • Manually migrate your data
    • Data upgrade script that will migrate your data can be found at \DesktopModules\CodeCamp\ManualUpgradeFrom1.0.0.17553To2.01.01.sql
    • Run the script from DNN - Host, SQL (make sure the "Run as Script" is checked)
  • View each Code Camp Module to verify it is working properly
    • Speakers - Make sure the Code Camp module setting is set reflect the Code Camp speakers you wish to display
    • Agenda module settings will need to be reset
  • Add the new Code Camp Registration module to a page and restrict access to this module from the general public

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